how to earn money online without investment

Earn 20$ Per Day From Google (Step By Step For Beginners)

how to earn money online | how to earn money online without investment

how to earn money online without investment


I want to share with you step by step how to earn money online. How to make around 20 dollars per day from google. This method is 100 percent guaranteed if you follow up this post read it. And do what i will tell you. You can reach at least 20 dollars per day. I will share with you everything you need to know the tools the secrets of what I do everything. So, you can be successful with this strategy also in this post. I have a big giveaway but in one condition to join it you have to watch the full method stay tuned and follow up. I'm so excited to share with you this new post that I think may help a lot of you to change their lives and to start making money online.

Important Note:

Now you know honesty and being honest is one of the main keys here on my website on obaid school.com. So to be honest with you in order to reach 20 dollars per day. You need to work for at least three or four months. But in this post, I will share with you a small tip or trick that will help you make these four months like two months only. So please stay tuned and focus well on this post so follow these step.

Step 1: Create a Blog

So the first step in this strategy is to create a website and to be more specific to create a blog and publish some articles on it. Now you may tell me i don't know programming or development. I don't know how to create websites or blogs and so on just some patience. I will show you everything in detail. It takes only five minutes to create a blog. When you go on You-tube and search a video (How to create a Word-press blog). Where you get step by step how to create a blog, that looks like this one like my blog like this one here and you can start them publishing articles on it.
         Believe me, it takes only five minutes to create a blog. Like this one only five minutes so the first step is to create this blog okay. So please if you don't have a blog if you don't have a website go and watch this video and create your blog now. It's super easy now you may ask me a blog or website requires hosting and I don't have money can we start for free in this strategy simple answer. Yes, you can start for free so you don't have any excuse.
If you go again to YouTube and go to this video here on how to create a free blogger or Word-press website.
I shared with you three methods to start for free without paying anything. So, you can build a Word-press blog totally for free, okay so this is the first step I think it's somehow simple is creating a blog. Maybe some of you or a lot of you have already a blog and this is awesome. So, you finish step number one which is creating a blog, and by the way. how to use a blogger to create a website so if you go here to blogger.com which is a free company by google that allows you to create a Blog post or a blog for free go here and click on the new blog. If you create a free blog and start posting articles click on a new post and you can simply start writing your articles here and publishing them. It's super simple so it's up to you to go with the blogger with Word-press. 

Step 2: Publish Articles on the website 

So now we have the blog step two is to publish some articles okay. And here please focus very well. Because I will mention some really important tips and tricks that you have to know to be successful with this strategy. So your plan now is to publish articles on the blog on your website.
Select The Niche:
The main question here is how I can pick the topics. The niche is how to select which articles. Which topics I want to write about on my blog simple answer. Write about something you love that's simple you love psychology write about psychology you love philosophy right about philosophy. You love digital marketing right about digital marketing. You love health and fitness right about health and fitness. Write about whatever you love but keep in mind the following two important points okay please focus very well now.

Tip 1: High CPC

I will give you now two examples this is a website that I own computec21.com this is a website. I do some tests so I publish some small articles about technology gaming and so on and do some tests about getting traffic and how I can make money online. CPA or with affiliate or
with google Adsense and so on please look now very well. I will go now and open my google Adsense
revenue please focus very well. I will open a computer account and let's see the revenue from this website. I don't have a lot of traffic. It's just for testing but look at this go to reports and you will see how I am earning like six one two three dollars per day from this website and by the way. It has like may be 500 or 1000 views per day only so this other proof that this strategy will work with you. This simple website with only a few visitors per day can make you like five or six or three or two dollars per day I know this is not too much but for a lot of you five dollars per day may be very good to start online to change their lives and so on anyway now so this is the first example. If you go to my second example here which is my main example in this video I'm making twenty-eight dollars twenty-four dollars twenty-five dollars twenty-two dollars twenty-four dollars and so on.
 So it's around twenty dollars per day now the main difference other than traffic is choosing the content topics here we have technology and gaming while in my other website h-supertools it's about digital marketing. So let's see this if you go to h-supertools.com my free platform go to seo keyword research tool and let's do this simple search if i search here for email marketing as an example and click on search you will see now the CPC worldwide globally is 12 dollars so whenever someone publishes an ad on your website he may be paying 12 dollars per click for topics related to email marketing. While if you are talking about cooking as an example you see 0.37 dollars so the topic you choose for your blog is very important. When it comes to earnings when it comes to making money from google adsense or from google. So just keep in mind this tip that the articles or the topics you write about
is very important and have a direct effect on your earnings other example if you are writing about gaming let's say you see now cpc is 0.57 you can also select countries like united states to see specifically so here it's 1.13. While if you go back to email marketing and click on search in the us you will see it's 46 dollars.

Get Accepted By Google Adsense:

That's simple now a lot of you may tell me to google Adsense will not accept my website it's so complicated it's so hard and so on that's simply not true. It is more than simple to get accepted by google. What you need to do is to sign up for Google Adsense. So simply go here google Adsense okay. Open the website Google Adsense here and simply get started and sign up with your Gmail account. So simple then you have to add your website.So here if you go to sites it will get it will tell you to add your website. Simply now I have my two websites here verified this one is ready just say add site. And add your website here and that's simple. Now to help you I want to give you three important tips to get verified in like two days with google number one i told you create a blog that have somehow a beautiful theme it looks good. It looks professional and I explained this in detail. You will create posts on your blog and then apply for monetization. Create an Adsense account and then apply for Adsense for your earn money.

How earn money from Blog after Monetization?

First of all your AdSense account has been approved. And your AdSense is ready to earn money by Google. So, then creates the ads for kept in your blog post. Create the ads step by step, for example: For Header Ad, Footer Ad, Display Ad, Inside Article Ad, Sidebar Ad, etc. So after creating the ads then put some ads in your post where you have to understand and suitable for visitors. Then you will be able to earn money from Google Ads.
Easy way to More Traffic on Your Website:
After creating your post then after putting ads. When you Publish the post on your blog. Then will worry about your post Traffic. So, don't worry i am sharing you some methods for your blog post. 
         Some methods you can get more traffic on your Blog. These are following methods where you can share the post.

  • You-tube
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin 
  • Rabbit 
  • Fiver
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page
  • Quora and other Social Media Plat-forms.
I hope you will work with me seriously and will earn money. So, I request you that share this post with your dear friends and support me.